Like the mobile workers who use our rugged mobile computers in every imaginable environment, General Dynamics Itronix doesn’t sit still. We are constantly designing innovative, cutting edge computers that can take on anything – from harsh temperatures and weather extremes to dust, drops and vehicle vibration. As a leading provider of rugged, mobile computers our solutions are preferred by workers on the road and out in the elements.


Launched in August 2006, the GoBook XR-1 is the world’s most powerful, multi-wireless, rugged notebook , with smallest and lightest footprint available in a fully-rugged platform!

Its performance features include:

Intel® Core Duo – 1.83GHz, FSB 667MHz

Dedicated ATI M22-CSP/32 external graphics controller

Removable, shock-mounted, encased, hard drive for data swapping and security, and built in drive heater for performance extreme temperatures

Simultaneous support of up to four integrated radios (W-WAN: EV-DO, UMTS, – HSDPA; 802.11 a/b/g Wireless LAN; GPS and/or Bluetooth technologies)

Flexible/upgradable CRMA®-Express radio architecture, and

New display technology for increased brightness & improved outdoor viewability.

Additionally, the GoBook XR-1 touts rugged specs that make it the safest, most rugged notebook in its class:

  • MIL STD 810F compliant for drop and shock
  • IP54 sealing for dust and water intrusion
  • Truck transport vibration test-certified
  • Extensive electro-static discharge tested
  • Comprehensive mechanical life testing,
  • Hazardous Location certification for combustible environments,
  • Fully sealed input/output ports for improved ruggedness

Security: CAC Reader, RF-based fingerprint scanner and TPM 1.2 security options at user and network level.

Ergonomically the XR-1 comes with a large 12.1″display, a full sized NiteVue„¢ keyboard, the in latest industrial design, all included in a compact form factor that weighs just 6.8 lbs. Click here to learn why the XR-1 is truly an industry leading computing platform!

Launched in September 2005, the new semi-rugged notebook from Itronix sets a tough new standard for this product class. Tough, Powerful, Ergonomic and Multi-Wireless, the GoBook VR-1 has many of the feature sets, and physical attributes common to Itronix’s fully rugged product offerings. Built to withstand the vibration, temperature extremes (up to 140°F), bumps, shocks, and occasional spills that mobile computer users encounter daily, the Itronix semi-rugged GoBook VR-1 notebook was developed to meet the needs of both mobile-office industrial users, as well professional “road warriors” whose notebook must reliably endure the tumultuous and often unpredictable conditions that come with using a notebook on the go. This vehicle-ready product lacks virtually nothing, including state of the art 1.86 GHz Intel Pentium M Centrino processor, up to 4 simultaneous radio options including GPS, 802.11a/b/g, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, or CDMA/1XRTT/1XEVDO.

Launched on September 6, 2005 this semi-rugged notebook has received significant press coverage.

The NEW Duo-Touch is a rugged, slate Tablet PC, with a user-selectable dual active/passive touch screen that puts the power and flexibility of tablet computing to work in environmentally-challenging situations. Mid-sized, lightweight and ergonomic, the Duo-Touch boasts the rugged and weatherized features you’ve come to expect from Itronix. With up-to-four integrated wireless options in the same device, including GPS, the Duo-Touch is ready for any wireless network. It offers the performance and flexibility needed to keep field-deployed, mission-critical workers productive.

Launched in September 2004, the GoBook III was the world’s fastest, most advanced, wireless fully-rugged notebook computer. Performance features include Intel® Mobile Pentium® M Processor 745, removable shock-mounted encased hard drive for data swapping and security, simultaneous support of up to three RF modems (GPRS, CDMA, Wireless LAN or Bluetooth technologies), flexible/upgradable CRMA® radio architecture, and our TFT XGA Outdoor transmissive touchscreen display, making both viewing and data navigation ultra-flexible, and without requiring a mouse. The GoBook III is truly an industry leading computing platform!

The GoBook Q-200 is an ultra-rugged handheld ideal for mobile workforces that operate in demanding, mission-critical environments. The Q-200 is the most rugged handheld available anywhere!

Mobility XE enables standard IP-based applications to be deployed in wireless and mixed network environments. It brings “firewall security” and enterprise-class scalability to wireless communications, and keeps workers seamlessly connected from LAN to WAN to wireless WAN