Langer EMV-Technik GmbH


Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is an electro-technical company which is active in the field of electromagnetic compatibility-related

  • research
  • development
  • production.

Our pre-compliance measurement equipment and IC Test System, which help developers to achieve new product qualities, are very popular throughout the world.

Furthermore, we offer development support advisory assistance in solving EMC tasks in module development.






ICR near-field microprobes up to 6 GHz




Shielding Tent
Components of ESA1 emission development system




A100 – A200 – A300 set

Optical Signal Acquisition – analog



Probes P331 and P331-2 according IEC 61000-4-2 / HMM for ESD injection



Probes for pulse injection



XF Near Field Probe

Optional XF probes





SX Near Field Probes to 10 GHz