Calibration & Repair services


Selint in collaboration with LAT certified laboratories, offers to his customers a full LAT and Standard calibration service of equipment antennas and components.


Selint offers the repair service of a wide range of electronic instrumentation, both during the period covered by the warranty that subsequently.


We carry out the design of complete renovations following the works from reconstruction, demolition and finally reconstruction.

Turnkey works carried out by professionals and with guarantee of internal spaces (offices, technical rooms) and external spaces (renovation and insulation).

We create:

Electrical systems
Air conditioners

Access control and anti-intrusion


EMC Laboratories and training

Selint is in the condition to supply “turnkey” EMC pre-compliance and full-compliance chambers,  supplied with all the equipment and training to perform tests and measurements according to military and commercial standards. Selint, where needed provides highly qualified personnel for training courses on electromagnetic compatibility and use of the equipment. In addition, if requested, offers consulting services relating to:

Interpretation of the European Directives on:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Low Voltage
  • Machines
  • Medical devices
  • Vehicles
  • Telecommunications terminal
  • Defining the requirements of the armonizzatePreparazione documentation complies


CE Certification

Selint in collaboration with full compliance and pre-compliance lab, is in the condition to perform the following EMC and CE tests and measurements:

  • Conducted and radiated emission
  • Harmonics
  • ESD: Electrostatic discharge
  • EFT: Fast Transient
  • Conducted and Induced Immunity
  • Surge

In addition to the electrical safety tests:

  • Dielectric Strength
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Continuity of the protective circuit
  • Leakage current


Leasing & Rental Services

Selint offers Rental Equipment Service from one week to as many months as you need. In addition you can pay in advance 10 rental period Carnet with a special discount, and you can use your Carnet within 12 months.

For those who plan to purchase the instrument at the end of the rental, Selint offers leasing service from 6 up to 24 months with the final redemption.


Measurement Services

  • Selint carry out, with their own equipment, the following on site measures for:
    • Detect electromagnetic pollution caused by repeaters, antennas and anything else available nearby and adjacent apartments and condominiums.
    • Shielding effectiveness of shielded rooms and shielded environments with tissues up to 1 GHz, 6 GHz and 18GHz according to MIL STD 285 – IEEE299.
    • TEMPEST ZONING Measurement to find out the best countermeasure to be taken to protect the information in a specific room.

    At the end of the tests the test report will be released with the obtained results.