Spectracom supply a broad range of time and frequency solutions:

  • Time & frequency references/master clocks for communications systems
  • Secure network time servers for network synchronization
  • Timing modules, bus-level timing, computer slot cards such as PCI and PCIexpress
  • Time code systems (IRIG, HaveQuick, etc.)
  • Synchronized clocks & time displays
  • Time & frequency analyzers / counters
  • GPS signal generators and GPS constellation simulators
  • Microwave antenna path alignment systems



 GPS Simulator


Serie GSG 6 multi-frequenza, simulatore GNSS avanzata

  • 32 canali + 2 frequenze, o 48 canali + 3 frequenze, o 64 canali + 4 frequenze
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, L1, L2, P-code, pseudo-P (Y), L2C, L5, E1, E5, E6
  • simulazione avanzata: SBAS, multipath, interferenza, rumore bianco, traiettorie

Learn more about the 6 Series advanced GNSS simulator



GSG 5 Series multi-channel, advanced GNSS simulator

4, 8,  or 16 channelsGPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou; L1, E1Advanced simulation: SBAS, multipath, interference, white noise, trajectories Upgradeable to more channels and frequencies

Learn more about the 5 Series advanced GNSS tester




GSG-51 low cost single channel GPS RF generator

1-channel GNSS tester for simple manufacturing test and validationFully upgradeable to more channels

Learn more about the GSG-51 GNSS tester



 GSG Series Models Comparison Chart

 Optional Upgrades

GLONASS Constellation

Simultaneously test GPS and GLONASS. L1 in the 5 series. Simultaneous L1 and L2 frequencies in the 6 series.

Galileo Constellation

Option for generating Galileo signals. Check with us on the availability of frequencies.

Future Constellations

Spectracom simulators are fully compatible with all GNSS constellations currently in development. Check with us if you do not see what you need.



Frequency Analyzers/Counters


CNT-90 Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzer

The CNT-90 Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzer offers ultimate control of measurement for all needs and budgets. The CNT-90 is a high-performance frequency counter with a fast measurement speed to 250,000 measurements/sec, and time interval measurement resolution to 100 ps.

CNT-90 Details



The CNT-90XL Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer is ideal for installation and maintenance of point to point microwave links, satellite communication equipment testing, YIG and VCO testing, and RF & Microwave instrumentation calibration, testing or research. Works with CW signals with an option to measure pulsed signals.

CNT-90XL Details


CNT-91 / Timer / Analyzer

The CNT-91 Frequency Counter/Timer/Analyzer is the highest performance counter for measurement, analysis and calibration of frequency, time interval and phase. The CNT-91 is very suitable for production test systems, for R&D, in calibration labs, or in the field. The CNT-91R Frequency Calibrator/Analyzer is basically a combination of the high resolution CNT-91 and a Rubidium Frequency Standard, all in one box.

CNT-91/91R Details


Analyze dynamic signal variation of time or frequency with TimeView Modulation Domain Analyzer software for increased advanced statistical analysis including statistical distribution, FFT analysis & smoothing. TimeView is available in two different versions. TimeView 2 works with any CNT-9x counter. Tthe enhanced version, TimeView 3, requires models CNT-91 or CNT-91R.

TimeView Details



The GPS-12R Portable Frequency Standard offers traceable Cesium-like stability at a very attractive price. Synchronized to the GPS satellite system, the GPS-12R provides both short and long-term time and frequency stability. The GPS-12RG Portable Reference clock is a GLONASS and GPS-disciplined Rubidium reference, targeted for both laboratory and telecommunications applications.

GPS-12R/12RG Details