Tabor Electronics Ltd


Over the last four decades Tabor Electronics has become a world-leader in the test and measurement industry. The Company has earned global recognition for its highly skilled workforce and innovative engineering capabilities. Today, aside from being a major player in the signal source market, Tabor develops and manufactures for leading companies such as EADS NA Test and Services (Racal Instruments), GeoTest, Fluke, Applied Materials, and Agilent Technologies. Throughout the years, Tabor earned many awards both under its own name and as an OEM for its best price performance ratio, product innovation, quality and durability for many years.




Signal Sources

Single Channel

Modello WS8101

Modello WS8251

Modello WS8351

Dual Channel

Modello WS8102

Modello WS8352

Single Channel

Modello WW5061

Modello WW1071

Modello WW2571A

Modello WW1281A

Dual Channel

Modello WW5062

Modello WW1072

Modello WW2572A

Four Channel

Modello WW5064

Modello WW1074

Modello WW2074

Single Channel

Modello WX1281B

Modello WX2181B

Dual Channel

Modello WX1282B

Modello WX2182B

Four Channel

Modello WX1284

Modello WX2184

Modello PM8571A

Modello PM8572A

Modello 8550

Modello 8551

Single Channel

Modello 9100

Modello 9100A

Dual Channel

Modello 9200

Modello 9200A

Four Channel

Modello 9400

Modello DG2816

Modello WXD1


Modello 5200

Modello 5201

Modello 5251


Modello 5325

Modello 5300

Modello 5351



Modello 3180

Modello 3222


Modello 3322