Tempest Comsec Security

Shielded room for communication security

Supply “turnkey” Classified Areas in accordance with the project drawn up and certified by the Entities.

Shielding of the room with shielding fabric. The fabric will be glued on the ceiling and wall with a special glue, to obtain the better result in terms of dB in the requested frequency a double layer of fabric will be glued.

The screening fabrics used are products with NICKEL 100%

The nickel provides many benefits in terms of features:
1 It is stable in environment subject to corrosion;
2 The surface resistivity can be roughly around 100 ohms or less depending on the structure of the fabric;
3 The nickel provides excellent shielding effectiveness even in magnetic field and plane wave.

Shielded rooms

Supply and installation of structures and screens EMC Tempest “turnkey” on specific size and needs of the customer

Installation metodology

The shielded room is designed with modular screening panels named “sandwich” The construction system consists of modular panels of easy disassembly in case of need of removal of the shielded structure, the same can be reinstalled in configuration and different size than the original plan according to which it was installed. The modular panels are built with galvanized steel sheets laminated on to 0.5mmboth sides of the center panel having a panel thickness 19mm pressed wood high density subjected to a specific treatment that makes it resistant moisture.
These rooms can be realized in different sizes with very high attenuation values, up to 100 dB in a frequency range from 10KHz to 18 GHz The doors are also made with very accurate planned closures and the combination of gaskets and metal fingers ensure the best shielding coninuity with the walls.
The interconnections are sorted for both the power line and the parts interconnected with the equipment, shielded filters are used suitable for the needed type of signal.The modular structure allows considerable flexibility inconstruction, allowing you to satisfy every technical requirement.

Shielding effectiveness and Tempest Zoning Measurement Service

Selint offers the service of shielding effectiveness testing according to IEE299 (MIL STD285) both for shielded chamber and textile shielded room with the release of an official test report. In addition Selint performs Tempest Zoning measurmente service, to find out the best shielding solution to use, a test report in accordance with the COMSEC regulation will be provided.