Toellner Electronic Instrumente GmbH


TOELLNER si propone sul mercato, sin dal 1972, con apparecchiature elettroniche di prova e di misura della massima qualità.
Alimentatori da laboratorio, alimentatori ad alte prestazioni, alimentatori di funzioni arbitrarie, generatori di funzioni, generatori arbitrari, amplificatori a banda larga ed amplificatori a 4-quadranti.


Laboratory, high-performance and arbitrary power supplies

Performance in absolute perfection

The wide range of power supply tasks associated with development, testing or production necessitate specific adaptation of the power supply unit.

The TOELLNER range of power supplies offers numerous different models…



Switch Mode

Function and arbitrary generators

Function generators and arbitrary generators represent the most interesting and versatile group of measuring instruments in the LF range nowadays.

Irrespective of the frequency range in which you are working, whether you require high or extremely low output voltages, whether you apply sweep functions or generate defined pulse sequences or audio surges…



Broadband and 4-quadrant amplifiers

Signal conditioning and amplification are required in many technical areas whether it be mechanical or control engineering, medical technology or testing procedures.

The broadband and 4-quadrant amplifiers from TOELLNER are capable of solving many tasks in the frequency range from DC to 5 MHz..



New release: 4 Quadrant Power Supply TOE 7621

4-quadrant power supplies or 4-quadrant amplifiers are electronic modules which generate both positve and negative voltages, and which can also deliver and receive positive and negative currents. They can therefore be used as a source or sink.

A 4-quadrant power supply of the TOE 7621 series is thus a bipolar voltage and current source as well as a current sink in one instrument. Use as a bipolar amplifier is also possible.